The environment is changing are you ready?

How do you keep improving your business to ensure that you have optimised your resources and reduced your impacts.

Is your management of the environment systematic, does it ensure continual improvement?

Resources are getting more scarce as there are increasing demands and competition globally.  Smart companies have realised that its not enough to just meet regulatory requirements.  To be competitive in the modern markets companies need to continually improve their use of resources to keep up with the market and minimise their footprints to ensure that there is no unnecessary financial bleed.

To do this systematically there is a international standard that can be used as a model for continual improvement.  ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems has been designed over many years and globally to meet modern business pressures.  It forms the basis of a continual improvement model based on risk reduction. Part of it is focused on identifying and meeting compliance obligations and the rest is risk based, from development of meaningful objectives that make the whole business strive in the one direction to undertaking environmental risk controls systematically and then reviewing them to see if they are meeting the businesses expectations and that of the leadership team.

If you think you might have a gap, or are worried about some existing or potential pollution risks, call us, we will be glad to assist you in rectifying any issues. We can also offer training in industry specific risks and causation analysis.


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