Are your assets optimised?

Do you have a systematic approach to asset management.

Under optimisation of assets is costly.

We have all heard stories of the whole business held up for the sake of a 60c O ring. 

Have you ever done a complete risk assessment of your business to identify the 60c O rings that you may need? 

Businesses moved to just in time supply in the 2000s and now with the global markets the way they are some supply chains are strung out. 

Can you get what you need when you need it and do you know your critical spares?

Asset optimisation also includes ensuring that all assets are utilised and maintained in a planned manner, no asset is under utilised and all assets are maintained as planned.  Planned maintenance can be to OEM requirements or to business/project requirements. 

How do we start a Asset Management System?

The international standard for Asset Management is the ISO55001, the standard sets out a simple risk based model for businesses to structure their asset management system.  Its easy to start, just read the standard and follow the elements.  If you need help call us, we will be happy to assist.  We currently work with water utilities, mining and drilling companies.


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